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The REACH Compliance Certificate is a document that certifies that a product complies with EU REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006. It may be a test report or statement issued by a third-party testing institution. It may also be the importer's own statement.

If your product is a chemical product (substance or mixture), when the volume of the substance exceeds 1 t / y, you need to make sure that every substance in it is registered under the EU REACH. The best way to demonstrate compliance is to obtain a REACH registration number issued by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

The REACH Regulation sets out the rules for chemical raw materials to be imported by EU countries. However, since these are also included in the manufactured items, article manufacturers must also follow and follow the relevant rules.

REACH Registration Obligation: The REACH Regulation requires the registration of raw materials of 1 ton or more per year produced in the EU market or entering the EU externally. Separate registration should be made for each raw material in a mixture. In order for a raw material required for registration to enter the EU market legally, a registration number must be made and a registration number must be obtained. Non-EU companies can register through ONAY ENGINEERING. ONAY ENGINEERING will explain what is required for registration and how to proceed.


Your registration cost consists of three components: 1. Single representative fee, 2. Official registration fee, 3. Letter of Access fee (required to get access to the information in the registration file) You can get an idea for the registration fee from the related link, but other fees vary in the market. Letter of access cost varies a lot from item to item. (Some of them explain their prices on the Internet, you can research.) The process varies according to your decision making and action speed as a company, but it is generally a time consuming process.

Procuring a registered substance: Other than registering, you may have an option to enter the market by obtaining a registered substance (by using the exemption exemption). In this case, you need to get the registration numbers from your suppliers and forward them to the customer. (A registration number must be submitted for each substance registered in the mixture)

Firms in non-EU countries must appoint a Single Representative to fulfill obligations such as registration and permits.