We were established in 2010, at the Women Entrepreneur Business Development Center - KİŞGEM.

To date, we have provided consultancy services to many companies on both Turkish and EU Chemistry regulations.

Instead of committing to providing countless services, we have focused on the benefits that it will provide to our customers and the values ​​it will add to their business in the legislation we have chosen to specialize in.

That's why we chose to specialize in KKDIK (Turkish REACH), REACH, GBF (Turkish SDS), and SEA (Turkish CLP) regulations.

We tried to achieve differentiation by increasing the Quality of our services.


Firstly; We do our job lovingly and serve only in subjects we specialize in.

In order to increase our service quality, we follow all current legislation, contact the Ministries, and solve the possible problems our customers may encounter.

We offer solutions for each of our customers, which are suitable for their business dynamics and meet their expectations.

We ensure that legislations take precautions in order not to force our customers.

We work in a disciplined and programmatic way that our engineering education has given. In each project we work on, we offer our customers an end-to-end workflow and ensure that our project team remains true to these flows.

We provide services to our Producer, Importer, and Exporter customers in all the values ​​they try to create, with our personnel who are certified and authorized by the Ministry in matters requiring expertise in Chemistry Legislation.

ONAYMÜH DANIŞMANLIK A.Ş. continues its consultancy services for the legislation in the Chemical sector, which it started in 2010, with its growing expert staff and competencies.

Our Strategic Partnership with Dekra GmBH


ONAYMÜH DANIŞMANLIK A.Ş. has been working with DEKRA GmBH (https://www.dekra.com/en/dekra-assists-with-turkey-reach/) since its first establishment in 2010. In March 2020, we signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with DEKRA GmBH, Germany's largest service provider, and started to support our customers' international trade by complying with the legislation in the EU, Russia, and China markets.

DEKRA Press Release


DEKRA assists with Turkey REACH


According to the Turkish chemicals regulation KKDIK, the pre-registration phase ends on December 31 2020. All substances that are placed on the market in volumes of 1 metric ton per year have to be pre-registered at the authority. Exporters of chemical products will have to disclose the formulation to their trade partners. As an alternative, they could appoint an only representative to fulfill the obligations under KKDIK for their products. DEKRA now has established this service, jointly with their longtime partner ONAYMÜH DANIŞMANLIK A.Ş..

The Turkish regulation on “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, Restriction of Chemicals” (KKDIK) was published on June 23, 2017 in the Turkish Official Journal. It is the Turkish equivalent of the EU REACH regulation and stipulates that Turkish manufacturers and importers have to register substances in quantities of more than 1 metric ton per year. As a first step, companies must pre-register the substances concerned by December 31, 2020.

As a result, just as under EU REACH, the substance information exchange forums (SIEFs) are formed to enable the study data to be shared. Registration dossiers must be submitted by December 31, 2023. However, essential parts of the dossier have to be prepared by a certified chemical assessment expert.

Companies not wanting to disclose their recipes to their Turkish importers can hire an only representative to register their products. DEKRA has been working with the Istanbul-based expert office ONAYMÜH DANIŞMANLIK A.Ş. since 2010. Since then, companies have been supported in the implementation of various chemical law regulations in Turkey such as CICR, SEA or the creation of Turkish safety data sheets.

At the same time, DEKRA has supported numerous companies in implementing EU REACH (EU Regulation No. 1907/2006) since 2008. The respective wealth of experience is now bundled and combined in a customized service package for KKDIK.